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Sunday March 1, 2020 12:30pm to 3:30pm

This 3-hour interactive workshop focuses on the importance of investing in yourself to get the most out of life. Walk away with a new perspective of how to put yourself first.

  • Learn the importance of loving yourself from the inside out
  • Overcome obstacles keeping you from fulfilling your lifetime goals
  • Incorporate healthy habits into your daily routine
  • Discover the Top 3 techniques to help you calm your mind and create inner peace
  • Leave with a 21-day action plan that will help you to commit to living your best life
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"Dream Big, Set Goals & Take Action…"

I believe experiencing life’s essence and all that it has to offer you begins with getting to know who you really are. My mission is to help people get the “most out of life” by focusing on their physical, mental and emotional well-being. As your Personal Change Agent, allow me to inspire you to live a healthier lifestyle, remove any self-limiting beliefs and help you invest in yourself for a brighter future.


Lisa Mormile

Success Stories

invaluable in strengthening my interpersonal and professional relationships

Lisa is an incredibly, talented coach and an invaluable friend. Lisa coaches you to focus on your physical and professional development, she is an excellent partner. Her values-centered approach, helps you to unpack your own personal experiences in a meaningful way. During our sessions, she provided me with guidance and strategies which were invaluable in strengthening my interpersonal and professional relationships. Lisa is intuitive, positive and very uplifting. It is very easy to have an authentic connection with her. It was a blessing to work with her during a very challenging period.

Lois Sullivan

empowered me to embrace change

When I started working with Lisa, I was at a professional crossroads. I was overwhelmed, not sure what to do next. Lisa empowered me to embrace change and helped me create a new path in life. With her guidance and support, I felt I had the confidence to make the pivotal decisions that I needed to make. I have found Lisa to be a professional, perceptive and genuinely caring person; she is a real asset to my life.

David Collins

a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders

Before meeting Lisa, my life was spiralling down. Lisa was supportive in every way and her questions allowed me to question myself, my actions but moreover, to realise that there are some things that I can control and other things that I have to let go.

At the end of a session, I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Lisa is very charismatic and helps you to acknowledge your strengths and potential. Her questioning encourages you to address the problems that hinders you from being the best you can be.

I would highly recommend Lisa!




Life Coaching: Lisa has been life coaching me for some time, she is passionate, caring, understanding and above all does champions the changes you make to live your best life. She is a great listener and is very inspirational. Lisa helped me free myself of self doubt and move on to the things that truly matter to me.

Jack Simons

living my best life

Personal Training:Lisa has a natural ability to motivated you towards your personal fitness goals. I look forward to her training me 3 times per week. Since Lisa has become my trainer, I have been living my best life. I even know how to skip now as she patiently taught me how to skip. She is totally amazing.

Jen Dice

never thought working out would be so much fun

Personal Training: Hiring Lisa to train me has been the best thing for me. Lisa believes in me and with her guidance and support, I am living a much healthier lifestyle. I never thought working out would be so much fun.

Stacy McKinnon

makes me feel like a million dollars

Personal training:  Lisa’s training sessions are amazing! Not only does she passionately work you out so you feel your best, Lisa’s adds breathing exercises to her training that makes me feel like a million dollars.

Tracey Summer

very calming and peaceful

Meditation: Lisa’s meditation and movement class was very calming and peaceful. I really like the way she guided us through each step of the way. I enjoyed all the different exercises she introduced to the class to calm the mind and create inner peace. I recommend Lisa’s class to anyone who is looking to find a sense of peace and calmness.

Avantha Perera

mediation has become part of my lifestyle

Meditation:  Lisa’s meditation and movement class was amazing.  I always wanted to mediate and I was told ‘it’s a great thing to do’.  However, was not able to, until I went to Lisa’s classes.

It was a wonderful experience and now mediation has become part of my lifestyle.  Her nurturing and calming approach guided me through the breathing and mediation exercises.

She’s a natural!

Rozanne Cioffi
IT Business Analyst, Business Engagement Management

Rozanne Cioffi

unique in her approach

Lisa is a positive spirit, unique in her approach and genuine in wanting others to become the best version of themselves. Happy to have attended!
Renata Palfy

The workshop is interactive, educational & fun!

Lisa is an excellent speaker. The workshop is interactive, educational & fun! The handouts and visuals wee helpful and kept things interesting. The group exercises were great. Highly recommend this workshop to everyone. Invest in yourself as you are worth it!
Maria Daleko

fun & engaging and extremely interactive!

Lisa is an amazing presenter. The workshop was fun & engaging and extremely interactive!
Mercedes C

the first steps to finding your best self and living your best life!

Lisa was truly inspiring. She truly believes in herself and wants us to do the same…because we all matter –
Lisa’s workshop allows everyone to explore their self-worth in a safe & inclusive way. Taking the first steps to finding your best self and living your best life!
Wonderful way to get a heartbeat of where you are in your journey. Helps to bring focus to inner dialogue and opportunity to see where you can introduce change or exploration.
Meghan D